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Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding purchasing a premium domain name and/or our acquisition services. Simply click each question to view the associated answer. If you have additional questions, please be sure to get in touch.


What is a premium domain name?
Registered domains that can be purchased on the aftermarket are often considered to be more valuable than domains that are not currently registered. However, whether a domain name is truly considered “premium” or not, will depend on a variety of factors, including its character length, age, keyword(s), and memorability/brandability. In fact, despite there being nearly 400 million domains currently registered worldwide, only a very small percentage actually hold any intrinsic value. Although there will always be exceptions (particularly as new extensions are released), the vast majority of domain names considered to be premium are typically “dot coms”. One-word domain names that represent a large product category will nearly always be considered premium. Examples of this include: Homes.com, Furniture.com, Candy.com, Shoes.com, and Tickets.com. Domain names like this are also often referred to as “category defining domains”. However, domains that contain geographic locations (often called geo domains) are also highly desired. Examples of premium geo domains include: LosAngeles.com, Tennessee.com, and Texas.com. Since geographical domains are limited in number and have intrinsic memorability, they are highly valued. Premium domains can also contain multiple keywords, particularly when they include a combination of a geographic location, category, service/product or even a common phrase. Examples of multiple word premium domains include: AtlantaHomesForSale.com, HoustonLawnCare.com, and AustinJobs.com.
I already have a website. How can my business benefit from a premium domain?
Many of our clients choose to simply “redirect” their newly purchased domain name to their existing website and/or domain. This particular strategy has often proven to be a very effective and powerful method to capture new leads and customers. Premium domains are also highly effective when used in Email, TV and Radio marketing campaigns due to their inherent memorability. We have also had clients completely build (or even rebuild) their entire business identity around a descriptive or brandable domain name that they recently acquired from us. Either way, a premium domain name investment can often provide significant returns in terms of memorability, credibility and even website traffic. If you would like to inquire about a specific domain name, please click here to get in touch and we will do our very best to exceed your expectations.
Who owns the domain names listed on Dotability?
Dotability is the legal owner of every domain that is listed for sale on our website. We do not list domains or provide brokerage services on behalf of third parties.
Is your asking price a one-time payment?
Yes. Unless a payment plan is available, our asking price is the only payment required in order to fully own the domain. Once you purchase and own the domain, you will be responsible for maintaining the domain’s registration directly with the registrar. In most cases, annual registration fees are negligible, usually ranging from just $10-$35/yr. We also guarantee that any domain we sell will have at least 60 days left before annual registration fees are due.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We exclusively use Escrow.com to facilitate any domain sales that are over $300. Escrow.com is the #1 trusted licensed escrow operator for domain name transactions. When you are ready to submit payment, we will create a payment agreement within our Escrow.com account, and they will then send you an invoice via email that can be paid via credit card, bankwire or PayPal. Additional details about the escrow payment process and their transaction fees can be found on Escrow.com. However, please be advised that if you are purchasing a domain name priced $300 or less, we will typically send you a PayPal invoice directly, unless Escrow.com is specifically requested.
Who pays the escrow fees?
As a courtesy to our clients, we will always split any applicable escrow fees, 50/50.
Do you offer payment plans for your domains?
Yes, we offer zero interest, 12 month payment plans for most of our domains. Contact us for more details.
Will I own the domain once I have paid?
Yes. Once your payment has been confirmed and the domain has been successfully transferred to your account, you will be the new legal owner of the domain. If you have chosen to enter a payment plan, you will fully own the domain once your last monthly installment has been received.
Where are your domain names registered?
All of our domains are currently registered and managed with either GoDaddy or NameBright, two of the world’s largest registrars.
What is the domain transfer process?
We have streamlined the transfer and purchase process so that the ownership change of a domain is fairly straightforward. After your payment has been received and verified, we will then transfer the domain to your own account at GoDaddy or NameBright. This process is usually called a “domain push” and can often be completed in just minutes. Once the domain is in your own account, you will have full ownership and complete control of the domain.
What if I do not have an account at GoDaddy or NameBright?
If you are not already a GoDaddy or NameBright customer, you will need to create a free account at the appropriate registrar. However, if you wish, we can also create an account on on your behalf, transfer the domain to the new account, and then simply forward the login credentials to you. Either option is fine, just let us know which you would prefer once your payment has been received and verified.
What information do I need to provide to complete the transfer process?
Once your payment has been confirmed, we would just need your GoDaddy customer # (or NameBright username) and the email address associated with your account so that the domain can be transferred over to you. To accept an incoming domain, you will need to follow the simple steps outlined by GoDaddy or NameBright. If at any time you are needing assistance with this process, we will be happy to help.
Can I transfer the domain to another registrar other than GoDaddy or NameBright?
Yes. Once 60 days has passed after the ownership change has been completed, you can easily transfer the domain away from GoDaddy or NameBright to the registrar of your choice. Please note that the 60 day rule is governed by ICAAN and more details regarding their transfer policy can be found by visiting: http://www.icann.org/transfers/
Is anything else included with the purchase of the domain?
No. Logos, web hosting, email, graphics, text/data (or anything else) is not included with the domain purchase. You are buying the domain name only.
Can I view a full list of domains that you currently have for sale?
In most cases, yes. Feel free to get in touch with us and we should be able to accommodate your request.
I have a domain (or a portfolio of domains) that I need to sell. Can you help me?
If you are looking to divest your premium domains, feel free to send us a sample of your portfolio (e.g. your best 3 domains) along with any pertinent info (traffic stats, revenue, etc). If we are interested, we will be in touch within 2 business days. Please note that due to the volume of email that we regularly receive, we are only able respond to solicitations that we are interested in. If we do not respond, it means that we are not interested in acquiring your domain(s). Also, it is important to note that although we offer domain acquisition services for clients, we do not provide “seller’s side” brokerage services. If you need the assistance of a domain broker to sell your domains, we strongly suggest that you take a look at our resources page for recommendations.